Ninakix, welcome to Posterous?

There's been two realizations I've had about my blogging in the last month.

  1. The whois data on my domain ( shows the entry date as being September 1st, 2000. For those of you who are atrociously bad at math, that means I'm coming up on a solid 10%2B years of blogging and webbing. That's kind of a long time, especially for a kid who's only 22*. *Mostly, I look back at this and realize what fun I've had and how it's been such a source of growth and reflection for me. I won't talk about it too much, because I'll probably end up sounding like a huge cheeseball (perhaps another time). I love it, but I realize how different the type of "blogging" that I'm doing now doesn't resemble what I was doing ten years ago. And honestly, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

  2. It's been two months since I published my last piece of real, original content. I use the word "publish" there specifically. I've written things, I've outlined things, I've thought of things... But for any of these things, I haven't committed the final step of copy and paste and clicking "publish" over at Tumblr. In fact, slowly but surely, my email inbox has been slowly collecting dust bunnies around random blog entries, some completely written out, and some more in fits and starts. I've never been one to feel like an entry is better safe and cozy in my private space, I'm the kind of person who people quote Abe Lincoln at, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt," and yet I continue to remove doubt on the regular. Rather, I've just sort of felt like most of the blogging tools are either:
    a) Completely alone, a la Blogger, where you really just are whining out into the world with no one listening, and have no social features built into them whatsoever, or,
    b) Most effective with bullshit and digestibles, which is to say, check out this picture of a 5 day old piglet that has 37,000 likes on Tumblr. While the attention is interesting and fun to get, I then realized basically no one wants to actually have a conversation about anything of depth.

So here we go. I guess I'm stumbling into Posterous, a bit curious what the change in scenery could do for me. Oddly, I do expect things to feel a bit quiet around here, and perhaps this might turn into more of a long-form-ish journal with my thoughts, but honestly, a little time travel back to the year 2000 might help me a little bit.

I think, over time, my Tumblr got a bit hijacked by the temptation to start producing content that other people would like. But I started that blog with the intention of saving things that inspired me for my work in the future - I actually switched over from using another service - and I realized I felt so much better when I got back to just thinking about the content that I liked, the content that inspired me and my quirky little heart. The actual written content on my Tumblr, I'm not entirely sure what the deal with it is, but it's lately been feeling a bit flat and passionless to me. I have lots of interesting ideas and thoughts, but perhaps, in the hope of stirring up conversation that would never come, I started to temper that content to be more "consumable" or eye catching to other individuals. And content that is meaningful and fulfilling to me to produce isn't the content that's catching anybody else's eye.

So I hope I can get back to content that really makes me feel good, and maybe feel like I can put this longer-form, high-effort content into a space where those of you who really do want to have conversations and a meaningful relationship with me can congregate. I don't expect there to be many of you, but, I want to experiment with a different dynamic and feel to a blog, and I hope Posterous is the type of service where that can materialize. So, I guess, let's get started.