Looking at your fish

I am in love with Robin Sloan's new "tap essay," which you should all download.

(And yes, that means I consumed it multiple times and do want to return to it.)

But what struck me is something that was on the fine line between implicit and explicit in the essay itself - the idea that, while we have created the like and fave buttons across a variety of services for one-time consumption of content, we have not created a truly compelling experience for the things we love, not just like.

What would such an experience look like?

To me, it seems Robin is on the right path - the idea that we want to create a space that allows you to "look at your fish." I'm going to push that even further, with the idea that "looking at your fish" means not just saving things for a return to later, but building tools that encourage the activities that cause us to return. The "looking" means not just consuming multiple times, but using that consumption to drive a deeper understanding of the content we're seeing.

I have some ideas, which I am going to let sit and percolate a bit, so do share if you have any ideas.