Habit Forming

I’m not really a resolution setter. I discovered I was epically terrible at these, and going all-out for as long as you could was just, not a very productive mental state. Instead, I’m in the habit of trying to form habits (see that clever play on words right there!?!): I agree with myself to do something a month, or two weeks if it’s a really tough one. What I’ve found is that it’s really easy to make yourself do stuff if you know that in a month you can go back to the way it was - this makes life seem a little less like an endless abyss and a little more carefree. But when I’m done, I find that I’ve formed a habit, and permanently changed my behavior. I’ve tried this a variety of ways. Usually I find that whatever I’d resolved to do stuck. Most of it is pretty impulsive, and really lets me make small changes to my health without being too overbearing - I read in a magazine that multitasking on the computer was bad for brain health, and I found that changing the way I used the computer for even two weeks has changed how I’ve used it months later. This month, I’ve decided to focus on a couple things at once, which, we’ll see how good this goes: I’m going to try to reduce the amount of salt I consume (apparently this causes heart health as you get older), to exercise and sleep better… Oh, and also to post more original content. I like to set specific goals: No extremely salty foods or adding salt to my meals, set a goal for exercising at the beginning of the week and FOLLOW-THROUGH, stretch everyday, sleep by 1am or midnight, and, try to post at 2-3 original posts per week. Unless of course, it completely sucks and everyone hates it. In which case, you know, I’ll just stop. If this is the case, can someone please bluntly email me and let me know? That would be majorly appreciated. Before I form the habit, preferably.